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The Structure of Heavy Octupole and Superheavy Quadrupole Deformed Nuclei (2001)

Amzal, N., Butler, P.A., Greenlees, P.T., Herzberg, R.-D., Humphreys, R.D., Kankaanpää, H., Bastin, J., Decker, F., Brew, P.M., Cocks, J.F.C., Cunningham, R.A., Czosnyka, T., Eskola, K., Gerl, J., Hammond, N.J., Hauschild, K., Heikinen, P., Helariutta, K., Hessberger, F.-P., . . . Wollersheim, H.-J. (2001). The Structure of Heavy Octupole and Superheavy Quadrupole Deformed Nuclei. Acta Physica Polonica B, 32(9), 2519-2526. https://www.actaphys.uj.edu.pl/fulltext?series=Reg&vol=32&page=2519

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All authors or editorsAmzal, N.; Butler, P.A.; Greenlees, P.T.; Herzberg, R.-D.; Humphreys, R.D.; Kankaanpää, H.; Bastin, J.; Decker, F.; Brew, P.M.; Cocks, J.F.C.; et al.

Journal or seriesActa Physica Polonica B



Publication year2001


Issue number9

Pages range2519-2526

PublisherJagellonian University

Publication countryPoland

Publication languageEnglish

Persistent website addresshttps://www.actaphys.uj.edu.pl/fulltext?series=Reg&vol=32&page=2519

Publication open accessOpenly available

Publication channel open accessOpen Access channel

Publication is parallel published (JYX)https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/80458


We report here experimental attempts to determine the sign of the electric dipole moment (relative to the electric octupole moment) in the octupole deformed nucleus 226Ra. Sensitivity to this quantity is observed in the measured yields of γ-ray transitions following very low energy Coulomb excitation. Recent progress is also reported in the development of new spectroscopic techniques that promise to elucidate the structure of deformed superheavy nuclei in the region of 254No. The 4+ → 2+ transition in 254No, as well as higher spin transitions, has been identified using recoil-tagged conversion electron spectroscopy.


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