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视觉工作记忆中回溯线索效应的影响因素 [The Influencing Factors of Retro-Cue Effect in Visual Working Memory] (2022)
The Influencing Factors of Retro-Cue Effect in Visual Working Memory

Cheng, Y., Guo, L., Zhou, Z., Liu, R., Li, Q., & Ye, C. (2022). 视觉工作记忆中回溯线索效应的影响因素 [The Influencing Factors of Retro-Cue Effect in Visual Working Memory]. Xin li xue jin zhan, 12(4), 1079-1087. https://doi.org/10.12677/AP.2022.124128

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All authors or editorsCheng, Yuxin; Guo, Lijing; Zhou, Zifang; Liu, Ruyi; Li, Qian; Ye, Chaoxiong

Journal or seriesXin li xue jin zhan



Publication year2022


Issue number4

Pages range1079-1087

PublisherHans Publishers

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The visual working memory is a temporary storage system, which encodes, maintains and retrieves visual information. The researchers have found that adding retro-cues to the maintenance phase of memory leads to changes in participants’ memory performance, which is the retro-cue effect. The magnitude of the retro-cue effect is not set in stone, but changes with the changes of its influencing factors. However, there is no study to summarize the influencing factors of the retro-clue effect. This paper looked into the articles related to the study of the retro-cue effect and summarized the influencing factors of the retro-cue effect: memory items, maintenance interval time, interference in maintenance interval, and types of retro-cue. Based on this, future research can explore the factors that influence the retro-cue effect in other dimensions. At the same time, since retro-cue can improve memory performance and cognitive processing, these influencing factors should be reasonably controlled when using retro-cues. The internal attention mechanism of visual working memory could be further explored and the understanding of visual working memory mechanism could be promoted.

Keywordsmemory (cognition)working memoryvisual memoryattention

Free keywordsvisual working memory; internal attention; retro-cue; influencing factors

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