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Psykologisten voimavara- ja riskitekijöiden profiilien yhteys digitalisaation ja työn intensifikaation kokemuksiin media-alalla (2022)

Frantsi, R., Iltanen, O., Rantanen, J., Feldt, T., & Villi, M. (2022). Psykologisten voimavara- ja riskitekijöiden profiilien yhteys digitalisaation ja työn intensifikaation kokemuksiin media-alalla. Psykologia, 57(2), 122-139.

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All authors or editors: Frantsi, Roosa; Iltanen, Olga; Rantanen, Johanna; Feldt, Taru; Villi, Mikko

Journal or series: Psykologia

ISSN: 0355-1067

eISSN: 2670-322X

Publication year: 2022

Volume: 57

Issue number: 2

Pages range: 122-139

Publisher: Suomen psykologinen seura

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

Publication open access: Not open

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The aim of this study was to examine 1) what kind of profiles of psychological resource and risk factors can be identified among media workers, and 2) how these profiles differ from each other in the experiences of digitalization and intensified job demands. The data was collected via an e-survey carried out in late 2019 among Finnish media workers (n = 979, 68% women, average age 47.6 years). K-means cluster analysis revealed four profiles of psychological resource and risk factors among the media workers: 1) nonchalant relaxers (low error strain and thinking about errors, low overcommitment to work, 24%), 2) resilient multitaskers (high resilience, multitasking preference, and error risk taking, 28%), 3) precise focusers (Low multitasking preference, high error competence and thinking about errors, 22%) and 4) vulnerable overcommitters (Iow resilience, error competence, and error risk taking, high error strain and overcommitment to work, 260/o). Precise focusers and vulnerable overcommitters experienced the most strain in their work caused by digitalization, and moreover vulnerable orvercommitters were the most unsure about their digital skills. Nonchalant relaxers experienced the least intensified job demands, and resilient multitaskers experienced digitalization more as a resource compared to the other profiles.

Keywords: media sector; journalism; knowledge work; digitalisation; job description; work content; degree of difficulty; diverse knowhow; independence (personal); committing oneself; resilience; work burden; psychological strain; occupational psychology

Free keywords: media work; journalism; digitalization; intensified job demands; resilience; multitasking preference; error orientation; overcommitment

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