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Learner at the heart of curriculum : Theoretical analysis of core curriculum in Finland (2021)

Valli, P. (2021). Learner at the heart of curriculum : Theoretical analysis of core curriculum in Finland. European journal of curriculum studies, 7, 46-66. http://pages.ie.uminho.pt/ejcs/index.php/ejcs/article/view/232

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All authors or editors: Valli, Päivi

Journal or series: European journal of curriculum studies

eISSN: 2182-7168

Publication year: 2021

Volume: 7

Pages range: 46-66

Publication country: Portugal

Publication language: English

Persistent website address: http://pages.ie.uminho.pt/ejcs/index.php/ejcs/article/view/232

Publication open access: Openly available

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The curriculum is seen as a key steering document for teaching and learning. In Finland, its latest reform from 2014 highlights the importance of pupil’s learning rather than teaching. This article describes the learner-centered approach of the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education. The theoretical frame of reference for the study is the points of focus in the curriculum’s conception of learning and the definition of learner-centered approach based on them. The curriculum is examined from the perspective of learner-centered approach in the learning process. The research is a qualitative content analysis, which resulted in definitions of learner-centered approach and a description of the learner's role in the curriculum text. The results defined learner-centered approach into three main concepts: individuality, manageability, and participation. I conclude that, although the curriculum is based on learner-centered pedagogy, a shared discussion of the school community and teachers’ understanding of learner-centered approach is necessary for the successful implementation of the curriculum.

Keywords: curricula; learning; teaching and instruction; school children; conceptions of learning; comprehensive school; learning process; individuality; participation

Free keywords: curriculum; learner-centered approach; content analysis

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