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Making regional cultural policy : regional government bodies’ cultural policy activities in Finland (2022)

Renko, V. (2022). Making regional cultural policy : regional government bodies’ cultural policy activities in Finland. Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift, 25, 61-76. https://doi.org/10.18261/nkt.25.1.5

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All authors or editors: Renko, Vappu

Journal or series: Nordisk Kulturpolitisk Tidskrift

ISSN: 1403-3216

eISSN: 2000-8325

Publication year: 2022

Publication date: 20/05/2022

Volume: 25

Pages range: 61-76

Publisher: Scandinavian University Press / Universitetsforlaget AS

Publication country: Sweden

Publication language: English

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18261/nkt.25.1.5

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Publication channel open access: Open Access channel

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In Finnish cultural policy, power and responsibilities have been distributed to various regional government bodies and a distinct regional authority is lacking. This presents a notable difference to Sweden where the self-governing and politically elected assemblies at the regional level function as key regional cultural policy authorities. This article examines how the regional government bodies in Finland are participating in cultural policymaking in contrast to Sweden by recognising different activities that are carried out by the regional level. The analysis is conducted in two case regions (Central Finland and Värmland) based on interview data, legislation and policy documents. The results show that the sets of activities carried out by the regional government bodies are not limited to actual managing of the realisation process but include decisions about the content of a policy and formulation of and decision making about desired outcomes. Key themes related to these activities are demarcation (i.e. defining culture as a policy field), discretion (i.e. deciding on operations) and mediation (i.e. connecting actors). The regional level is not only mechanistically implementing given cultural policies but actively participating in cultural policymaking. At the same time, in Finland many factors potentially challenge the regional level’s cultural policy relevance and, as a result, regional cultural policy legitimacy.

Keywords: cultural policy; regional policy; regional government; realisation (active)

Free keywords: regional cultural policy; Finland; Sweden; policymaking; implementation

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