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不同情绪面孔的视觉工作记忆表现差异 [The Performance Difference of Visual Working Memory between Various Emotional Faces] (2022)

Li, Q., Guo, L., Zhou, Z., Liu, R., Cheng, Y., & Ye, C. (2022). 不同情绪面孔的视觉工作记忆表现差异 [The Performance Difference of Visual Working Memory between Various Emotional Faces]. Xin li xue jin zhan, 12(5), 1638-1646. https://doi.org/10.12677/AP.2022.125196

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All authors or editorsLi, Qianru; Guo, Lijing; Zhou, Zifang; Liu, Ruyi; Cheng, Yuxin; Ye, Chaoxiong

Journal or seriesXin li xue jin zhan



Publication year2022


Issue number5

Pages range1638-1646

PublisherHans Publishers

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageChinese


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Among social-emotional stimuli, emotional faces occupy an important position, which specifically refer to human faces with certain facial expressions. The visual working memory is a limited workspace where information can be saved online and can be accessed and operated by advanced cognitive function during the maintenance period. A large number of behavioral and electrophysiological studies have shown that there are differences in visual working memory performance of different emotional faces. Specifically, angry faces can enhance the visual working memory performance; fearful faces may cause some damage to visual working memory; sad faces will impair face recognition encoding in visual working memory. However, the visual working memory of happy emotional faces is mainly reflected in the choice of attention compared with other emotional faces, and the time is slightly delayed compared with that of angry faces. This paper sorts out the relevant research on the differences in visual working memory performance produced by different emotional faces as stimuli, and tries to summarize the possible reasons for these differences.

Keywordsworking memoryvisual memoryvisualitymemory (cognition)facial expressionsface

Free keywordsemotional faces; visual working memory; event related potential

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