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Activity level in left auditory cortex predicts behavioral performance in inhibition tasks in children (2022)

van Bijnen, S., Parkkonen, L., & Parviainen, T. (2022). Activity level in left auditory cortex predicts behavioral performance in inhibition tasks in children. Neuroimage, 258, Article 119371. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2022.119371

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All authors or editorsvan Bijnen, Sam; Parkkonen, Lauri; Parviainen, Tiina

Journal or seriesNeuroimage



Publication year2022


Article number119371


Publication countryNetherlands

Publication languageEnglish


Research data linkhttps://osf.io/rhb5z/

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Sensory processing during development is important for the emerging cognitive skills underlying goal-directed behavior. Yet, it is not known how auditory processing in children is related to their cognitive functions. Here, we utilized combined magneto- and electroencephalographic (M/EEG) measurements in school-aged children (6-14y) to show that child auditory cortical activity at ∼250 ms after auditory stimulation predicts the performance in inhibition tasks. While unaffected by task demands, the amplitude of the left-hemisphere activation pattern was significantly correlated with the variability of behavioral response time. Since this activation pattern is typically not present in adults, our results suggest divergent brain mechanisms in adults and children for consistent performance in auditory-based cognitive tasks. This difference can be explained as a shift in cortical resources for cognitive control from sensorimotor associations in the auditory cortex of children to top–down regulated control processes involving (pre)frontal and cingulate areas in adults.

Keywordscognitioncognitive skillscognitive developmentcognitive processesdevelopment (passive)child developmentsense of hearingcerebral cortexbrainprocessingneuropsychologycognitive psychology

Free keywordscortical maturation; response inhibition; development; cognitive control

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