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Miksi yläkoululainen on poissa koulusta? : integroiva kirjallisuuskatsaus koulupoissaolotyyppeihin liittyvistä yksilö- ja ympäristötekijöistä (2022)
Why does a lower secondary school pupil not attend school? : an integrative literature review of individual and contextual factors related to school attendance types

Pelkonen, J., Kiuru, N., & Virtanen, T. (2022). Miksi yläkoululainen on poissa koulusta? : integroiva kirjallisuuskatsaus koulupoissaolotyyppeihin liittyvistä yksilö- ja ympäristötekijöistä. Kasvatus, 53(3), 287-303. https://doi.org/10.33348/kvt.120236

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All authors or editors: Pelkonen, Jenni; Kiuru, Noona; Virtanen, Tuomo

Journal or series: Kasvatus

ISSN: 0022-927X

eISSN: 2737-0658

Publication year: 2022

Publication date: 20/06/2022

Volume: 53

Issue number: 3

Pages range: 287-303

Publisher: Koulutuksen tutkimuslaitos

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33348/kvt.120236

Persistent website address: https://journal.fi/kasvatus/article/view/120236

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The aim of this integrative literature review is to identify individual (such as mental health, learning difficulties) and contextual factors (such as parenthood, school) that relate to lower secondary school students’ school attendance problems (SAP) types (school refusal, truancy, school withdrawal, school exclusion). Relevant studies were retrieved from the ERIC, PsycInfo and Web of Science databases, and 53 articles were selected for the review. Truancy was the most studied SAP type (68 % of studies), followed by school exclusion (16 %) and school refusal (14 %). School withdrawal was the least studied (2 %) SAP type. Several individual and contextual factors were associated with the SAP types. Of the individual factors mental health problems and of the contextual factors low parental support, being bullied and school climate problems were associated with school refusal, truancy, and school exclusion.

Keywords: upper comprehensive school pupils; school attendance; absences; refusal; truancy; causes; domestic environment; school environment; parents; friends; peer relationships; school bullying; mental health problems

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