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Base-promoted direct amidation of esters : beyond the current scope and practical applications (2022)

Slavchev, I., Ward, J. S., Rissanen, K., Dobrikov, G. M., & Simeonov, S. (2022). Base-promoted direct amidation of esters : beyond the current scope and practical applications. RSC Advances, 12(32), 20555-20562. https://doi.org/10.1039/d2ra03524c

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Julkaisun kaikki tekijät tai toimittajatSlavchev, Ivaylo; Ward, Jas. S.; Rissanen, Kari; Dobrikov, Georgi M.; Simeonov, Svilen

Lehti tai sarjaRSC Advances




Lehden numero32

Artikkelin sivunumerot20555-20562

KustantajaRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


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Julkaisu on rinnakkaistallennettu (JYX)https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/82476


The base-promoted direct amidation of unactivated esters is among the most useful reactions for amide bond formation in contemporary organic chemistry. The intensive research in this area has led to the development of a number of new methods to achive this transformation. However, to date, the existing literature is more methodological and in many instances lacks practical directions. Therefore, the full potential of this transformation is yet to be revealed by broadening the substrate scope. In a search for new practical applications of the amidation reaction, herein we present a comprehensive study of a number of base-promoted direct amidations that encompass a wide range of amines and esters. Furthermore, we applied our findings in the synthesis of phosphoramidates and several industrially relevant products.

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