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Mass measurements towards doubly magic 78Ni : Hydrodynamics versus nuclear mass contribution in core-collapse supernovae (2022)

Giraud, S., Canete, L., Bastin, B., Kankainen, A., Fantina, A.F., Gulminelli, F., Ascher, P., Eronen, T., Girard, A. V., Jokinen, A., Khanam, A., Moore, I.D., Nesterenko, D.A., de Oliveira, S. F., Penttilä, H., Petrone, C., Pohjalainen, I., De Roubin, A., Rubchenya, V., . . . Äystö, J. (2022). Mass measurements towards doubly magic 78Ni : Hydrodynamics versus nuclear mass contribution in core-collapse supernovae. Physics Letters B, 833, Article 137309. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2022.137309

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All authors or editorsGiraud, S.; Canete, L.; Bastin, B.; Kankainen, A.; Fantina, A.F.; Gulminelli, F.; Ascher, P.; Eronen, T.; Girard, Alcindor V.; Jokinen, A.; et al.

Journal or seriesPhysics Letters B



Publication year2022


Article number137309

PublisherElsevier BV

Publication countryNetherlands

Publication languageEnglish


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We report the first high-precision mass measurements of the neutron-rich nuclei 74,75Ni and the clearly identified ground state of 76Cu, along with a more precise mass-excess value of 78Cu, performed with the double Penning trap JYFLTRAP at the Ion Guide Isotope Separator On-Line (IGISOL) facility. These new results lead to a quantitative estimation of the quenching for the neutron shell gap. The impact of this shell quenching on core-collapse supernova dynamics is specifically tested using a dedicated statistical equilibrium approach that allows a variation of the mass model independent of the other microphysical inputs. We conclude that the impact of nuclear masses is strong when implemented using a fixed trajectory as in the previous studies, but the effect is substantially reduced when implemented self-consistently in the simulation.

Keywordsnuclear physicsneutrons

Free keywordsnuclear mass; penning trap; shell gap; core-collapse supernova

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