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The Theory and Practice of Recognition : An Introduction (2023)

Hirvonen, O., & Koskinen, H. J. (2023). The Theory and Practice of Recognition : An Introduction. In O. Hirvonen, & H. J. Koskinen (Eds.), The Theory and Practice of Recognition (pp. 1-13). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003259978-1

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All authors or editorsHirvonen, Onni; Koskinen, Heikki J.

Parent publicationThe Theory and Practice of Recognition

Parent publication editorsHirvonen, Onni; Koskinen, Heikki J.



Publication year2023

Pages range1-13

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Place of PublicationNew York

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageEnglish


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Based largely on the foundational work of Axel Honneth since the early 1990s, contemporary recognition theory has developed into an established and active multidisciplinary research programme in social and political philosophy. Among the topics that contemporary recognition theory analyses are the various social preconditions of fully functional adult personhood, individual autonomy, and participatory citizenship. According to a common conceptualization, respect, esteem, and emotional support constitute crucial dimensions of social interaction that make individual, social, and political good life possible (see, e.g., Honneth 1995; Ikäheimo 2014; Thompson 2006). In addition, this threefold articulation offers effective tools for analyzing the darker side of social pathologies in the forms of misrecognition and non-recognition. The concepts and phenomena of recognition are also at the heart of many globally pressing issues of identity politics, multiculturalism, and religion.

Keywordssocial theoriessocial philosophyrecognition (philosophy)good lifeappreciationsocial relationsmulticulturalismcitizenship

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