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Organizational identity construction as a control mechanism (2023)

Sintonen, T., Auvinen, T., Takala, T., Sajasalo, P., & Järvenpää, M. (2023). Organizational identity construction as a control mechanism. In P. Kalmi, T. Auvinen, & M. Järvenpää (Eds.), Responsible Finance and Digitalization : Implications and Developments (pp. 255-270). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003144427-20

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All authors or editorsSintonen, Teppo; Auvinen, Tommi; Takala, Tuomo; Sajasalo, Pasi; Järvenpää, Marko

Parent publicationResponsible Finance and Digitalization : Implications and Developments

Parent publication editorsKalmi, Panu; Auvinen, Tommi; Järvenpää, Marko



Publication year2023

Publication date09/08/2022

Pages range255-270

Number of pages in the book296


Place of PublicationAbingdon

Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


Publication open accessNot open

Publication channel open access

Publication is parallel published (JYX)https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/83960


This study examines how identities become constructed and regulated during a strategic organizational change process. Planning and implementing a strategy is a social process, which consists of constructing, delivering, compelling, receiving, resisting and multiple contradicting meanings. The process includes multiple social factors influencing the strategy. The visions, notions, images, conceptions, assumptions and appreciation of members of an organization make the process dynamic and flexible. Thus, the strategy process is also always a matter of organizational change. By participating in the strategy process, the members produce meanings for the process and receive meanings produced somewhere else that shape their conceptions of the organization and of themselves. Another social process that takes place in organizations, and through which the meanings become negotiated, is identity formation. It is constructed in and around an organization, in its social and cultural interactions.

Keywordscorporate strategiesstrategy workorganisational changesorganisational culturesocial interactionidentity (mental objects)

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Reporting Year2023

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