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COVID-19-pandemia : mitä se merkitsee ihmisten liikkuvuudelle ja siihen liittyvälle eriarvoisuudelle? (2021)
COVID-19 pandemic : what has it meant for mobilities and inequalities?

Toivanen, M., Pirkkalainen, P., Bauvois, G., & Eskelinen, V. (2021, 5.5.2021). COVID-19-pandemia : mitä se merkitsee ihmisten liikkuvuudelle ja siihen liittyvälle eriarvoisuudelle?. Liikkeessä yli rajojen. https://liikkeessaylirajojen.fi/covid-19-pandemia-mita-se-merkitsee-ihmisten-liikkuvuudelle-ja-siihen-liittyvalle-eriarvoisuudelle/

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All authors or editors: Toivanen, Mari; Pirkkalainen, Päivi; Bauvois, Gwenaëlle; Eskelinen, Viivi

Journal or series: Liikkeessä yli rajojen

Publication year: 2021

Publication date: 05/05/2021

Volume: 5.5.2021

Publisher: ETMU ry

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish; English

Persistent website address: https://liikkeessaylirajojen.fi/covid-19-pandemia-mita-se-merkitsee-ihmisten-liikkuvuudelle-ja-siihen-liittyvalle-eriarvoisuudelle/

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The past year has been peculiar in many respects. Over more than a year ago, many countries in the world put in place COVID-19 related restrictions in response to a rapidly growing pandemic. The everyday lives and routines of millions of people were drastically changed, at the same time as we witnessed the immeasurable loss of lives to the virus.

We, at the editorial board of LYR, have observed how the pandemic affected particularly the migration-related phenomena that our blog deals with. We have witnessed how mobilities and migration, transnational connections and ties, ethnic relations, migrants’ rights and everyday lives have been shaped and affected by the on-going pandemic. The texts in this special issue point to a number of aspects related to migration that have been particularly touched by the on-going pandemic.

Keywords: pandemics; COVID-19; migratory movement (demography); migration (demography); freedom of movement; refugees; immigrants; restrictions; inequality; human rights; fundamental rights

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