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Erikoisjulkaisu : Näkökulmia Ukrainan sodan aiheuttamaan pakolaisuuteen  (2022)
Special issue : War in Ukraine and perspectives on forced migration

Pirkkalainen, P., Toivanen, M., Bauvois, G., & Eskelinen, V. (2022, 31.5.2022). Erikoisjulkaisu : Näkökulmia Ukrainan sodan aiheuttamaan pakolaisuuteen . Liikkeessä yli rajojen. https://liikkeessaylirajojen.fi/erikoisjulkaisu-nakokulmia-ukrainan-sodan-aiheuttamaan-pakolaisuuteen/

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All authors or editorsPirkkalainen, Päivi; Toivanen, Mari; Bauvois, Gwenaëlle; Eskelinen, Viivi

Journal or seriesLiikkeessä yli rajojen

Publication year2022

Publication date31/05/2022


PublisherETMU ry

Publication countryFinland

Publication languageFinnishEnglish

Persistent website addresshttps://liikkeessaylirajojen.fi/erikoisjulkaisu-nakokulmia-ukrainan-sodan-aiheuttamaan-pakolaisuuteen/

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Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. As a result of this conflict, the number of refugees crossing the borders of Ukraine has now grown to more than six million (situation on 23.5.2022, UNHCR). Our editorial team began putting together this thematic issue on the war in Ukraine and forced migration shortly after the invasion. With this issue, we seek on the one hand to better understand the forced migration movements caused by the war in Ukraine and, on the other hand, to look at these movements in light of previous research on the theme. Our goal is to bring together varied perspectives from different scholars specialising in migration and forced migration. Before publishing seven texts, three in English and four in Finnish, in this introduction we will briefly consider the reactions to the war in Ukraine and the politics of borders.

KeywordsRussian invasion of Ukraine 2022Ukrainiansmigratory movement (demography)refugeesimmigrantsreception (refugees)European Union countriesborder managementrefugee policyequality (fundamental rights)racism

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