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Lapsuuden löytämisestä toimijuuden tutkimukseen : lapsuuden historian kuusi vuosikymmentä (2022)

Vehkalahti, K. (2022). Lapsuuden löytämisestä toimijuuden tutkimukseen : lapsuuden historian kuusi vuosikymmentä. In K. Vehkalahti, E. Jouhki, S. Lipkin, J. Sitomaniemi-San, & T. Kuokkanen (Eds.), Matkaopas lapsuuden historian tutkimukseen : monitieteisiä näkökulmia ja menetelmiä (pp. 35-74). Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. Historiallisia tutkimuksia, 288. https://oa.finlit.fi/site/books/m/10.21435/ht.288/

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All authors or editorsVehkalahti, Kaisa

Parent publicationMatkaopas lapsuuden historian tutkimukseen : monitieteisiä näkökulmia ja menetelmiä

Parent publication editorsVehkalahti, Kaisa; Jouhki, Essi; Lipkin, Sanna; Sitomaniemi-San, Johanna; Kuokkanen, Tiina



Journal or seriesHistoriallisia tutkimuksia



Publication year2022

Number in series288

Pages range35-74

Number of pages in the book511

PublisherSuomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura

Place of PublicationHelsinki

Publication countryFinland

Publication languageFinnish

Persistent website addresshttps://oa.finlit.fi/site/books/m/10.21435/ht.288/

Publication open accessOpenly available

Publication channel open accessOpen Access channel

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The chapter introduces history of childhood as a research field and offers tools to understand the traditions, special features and approaches of the research field. The chapter examines the starting points for the field since the 1960s, and analyses, what kinds of paradigm changes have taken place, and what kinds of focus areas can be defined in the field. In addition, the chapter discusses the significance of interdisciplinary discussion for history of childhood. The text is based on a synthesizing reading of previous studies on history of childhood. The focus is on anthologies that defined the field of research at different times, influential textbooks, and pioneer studies that have been widely cited in the international history of childhood and have inspired the research field. In addition to key international works, attention is paid to research done in Finland at the same time, in its themes and special features. As a result, history of childhood is divided into four chronological phases starting from the 1960s, which are 1) the emergence of childhood history as a research field, 2) the phase of social-historical family research, 3) the phase of constructivist childhood history and 4) the phase of research emphasizing the agency of children and young people. In the research of the 2020s, influences deriving from several previous phases are mixed.

Keywordschildhoodchildren (age groups)historyhistorical researchcultural historyhistory of mentalitiessocial historyoral historyhuman agency

Free keywordshistory of childhood, research methods, historical research, childhood studies, history of science

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