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Mathematical-Artistic Activities for Social Inclusion and Well-Being : The Experience Workshop STEAM Network (2023)

Fenyvesi, K., Brownell, C., Pekonen, O., Lavicza, Z., & Somlyódy, N. (2023). Mathematical-Artistic Activities for Social Inclusion and Well-Being : The Experience Workshop STEAM Network. In A. M. Hartkopf, & E. Henning (Eds.), Handbook of Mathematical Science Communication (pp. 17-40). World Scientific. World Scientific Series on Science Communication, 3. https://doi.org/10.1142/9789811253072_0003

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All authors or editorsFenyvesi, Kristóf; Brownell, Christopher; Pekonen, Osmo; Lavicza, Zsolt; Somlyódy, Nóra

Parent publicationHandbook of Mathematical Science Communication

Parent publication editorsHartkopf, Anna Maria; Henning, Erin



Journal or seriesWorld Scientific Series on Science Communication



Publication year2023

Number in series3

Pages range17-40

Number of pages in the book408

PublisherWorld Scientific

Place of PublicationSingapore

Publication countrySingapore

Publication languageEnglish


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The Experience Workshop — International STEAM Network started in 2008 in Hungary and 2010 in Finland as a collaborative effort of mathematicians, artists, teachers, parents, and children. Experience Workshop has not formalized its’ membership. Members are loosely connected through various mailing lists and social media groups, and they are involved in a variety of events, conferences, and workshops in the role of contributors or participants. Experience Workshop organizes various math-art-education events and interactive exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and trainings all over Europe, along with educational and research collaborations in Africa, America, Asia, and Australia. Over the years, more than 40,000 people participated in our projects. Connections between mathematics and arts education provide Experience Workshop’s pedagogical basis. As mathematics and arts connections always involve a wide cultural background, we are increasingly focused on the need for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) integration in learning. The development of collaborative and inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary problem-solving capabilities, which enable students to discover unexpected connections between different aspects of various complex phenomena, is not only a useful tool but is recognized as one of the most important goals of today’s learning societies. STEAM in today’s European schools represents a dynamically developing, but mostly unexplored field. In this chapter, we introduce our methods and various tools from Experience Workshop’s collection. By introducing one of our projects in detail, we would like to highlight especially those components focused on “mathematical arts and creativities”, uniting these diverse educational cultures with a more global perspective.

Keywordsphenomenon-based learningexperiential learningcreative methodsmathematicsartworkshops (smithies)social inclusionwell-being

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