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Elongation and plasmonic activity of embedded metal nanoparticles following heavy ion irradiation (2023)

Korkos, S., Arstila, K., Tapio, K., Kinnunen, S., Toppari, J. J., & Sajavaara, T. (2023). Elongation and plasmonic activity of embedded metal nanoparticles following heavy ion irradiation. RSC Advances, 13(9), 5851-5858. https://doi.org/10.1039/D3RA00573A

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All authors or editorsKorkos, Spyridon; Arstila, Kai; Tapio, Kosti; Kinnunen, Sami; Toppari, J. Jussi; Sajavaara, Timo

Journal or seriesRSC Advances


Publication year2023

Publication date16/02/2023


Issue number9

Pages range5851-5858

PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


Publication open accessOpenly available

Publication channel open accessOpen Access channel

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Shape modification of embedded nanoparticles by swift heavy ion (SHI) irradiation is an effective way to produce nanostructures with controlled size, shape, and orientation. In this study, randomly oriented gold nanorods embedded in SiO2 are shown to re-orient along the ion beam direction. The degree of orientation depends on the irradiation conditions and the nanorod's initial size. SHI irradiation was also applied to modify spherical metallic nanoparticles embedded in Al2O3. The results showed that they elongate due to the irradiation comparably to those embedded in SiO2. Metallic nanostructures embedded in dielectric matrices can exhibit localized surface plasmon (LSP) modes. The elongated nanoparticles investigated by means of dark-field spectroscopy showed two discrete peaks which correspond to longitudinal and transverse modes.

Keywordsnanoparticlesnanostructuresnanotechnologyionising radiationsurface plasmons

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