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Eos : conceptual design for a demonstrator of hybrid optical detector technology (2023)

Anderson, T., Anderssen, E., Askins, M., Bacon, A.J., Bagdasarian, Z., Baldoni, A., Barros, N., Bartoszek, L., Bergevin, M., Bernstein, A., Blucher, E., Boissevain, J., Bonventre, R., Brown, D., Callaghan, E.J., Cowen, D.F., Dazeley, S., Diwan, M., Duce, M., . . . Zimmerman, E.D. (2023). Eos : conceptual design for a demonstrator of hybrid optical detector technology. Journal of Instrumentation, 18(2), Article P02009. https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-0221/18/02/P02009

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All authors or editorsAnderson, T.; Anderssen, E.; Askins, M.; Bacon, A.J.; Bagdasarian, Z.; Baldoni, A.; Barros, N.; Bartoszek, L.; Bergevin, M.; Bernstein, A.; et al.

Journal or seriesJournal of Instrumentation


Publication year2023

Publication date01/02/2023


Issue number2

Article numberP02009

PublisherIOP Publishing

Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


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Eos is a technology demonstrator, designed to explore the capabilities of hybrid event detection technology, leveraging both Cherenkov and scintillation light simultaneously. With a fiducial mass of four tons, Eos is designed to operate in a high-precision regime, with sufficient size to utilize time-of-flight information for full event reconstruction, flexibility to demonstrate a range of cutting edge technologies, and simplicity of design to facilitate potential future deployment at alternative sites. Results from Eos can inform the design of future neutrino detectors for both fundamental physics and nonproliferation applications. This paper describes the conceptual design and potential applications of the Eos detector.

Keywordsparticle physicsneutrinosresearch equipmentdetectors

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