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Effect of Reaction Conditions on the Coprecipitation of Ni(OH)2 for Lithium-Ion Batteries (2023)

Tynjälä, P., Laine, P., Välikangas, J., Kauppinen, T., & Lassi, U. (2023). Effect of Reaction Conditions on the Coprecipitation of Ni(OH)2 for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Chemical Engineering and Technology, 46(11), 2279-2284. https://doi.org/10.1002/ceat.202300086

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All authors or editorsTynjälä, Pekka; Laine, Petteri; Välikangas, Juho; Kauppinen, Toni; Lassi, Ulla

Journal or seriesChemical Engineering and Technology



Publication year2023

Publication date27/06/2023


Issue number11

Pages range2279-2284

PublisherWiley-VCH Verlag

Publication countryGermany

Publication languageEnglish


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Additional informationSpecial Issue: 27th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC 2022)


Electrochemical performance of cathode active materials (CAMs) is dependent on the properties of coprecipitated precursors (pCAMs). This is a sensitive process affected by several reaction parameters such as temperature, pH, concentration of reactants, agitation rate, and residence time. In this paper, the effect of parameters influencing the particle size growth and the physical properties, such as particle morphology and tapped density, was studied in the coprecipitation of Ni(OH)2. Formation of a homogeneous population with narrow particle size distribution was observed, followed by a more heterogeneous population of dense particles. Ammonia concentration and residence time had significant effects on particle size growth and morphology, but agitation rate also had an impact.

Keywordslithium-ion batterieselectrodeselectrochemistry

Free keywordsbattery chemicals; coprecipitation of Ni(OH)2; lithium-ion batteries; nickelhydroxide

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