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The Theory of Pedagogical Leadership: Enhancing High-Quality Education (2024)

Fonsén, E., & Lahtero, T. (2024). The Theory of Pedagogical Leadership: Enhancing High-Quality Education. In R. Ahtiainen, E. Hanhimäki, J. Leinonen, M. Risku, & A.-S. Smeds-Nylund (Eds.), Leadership in Educational Contexts in Finland : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives (pp. 159-177). Springer. Educational Governance Research, 23. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-37604-7_8

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All authors or editorsFonsén, Elina; Lahtero, Tapio

Parent publicationLeadership in Educational Contexts in Finland : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

Parent publication editorsAhtiainen, Raisa; Hanhimäki, Eija; Leinonen, Jaana; Risku, Mika; Smeds-Nylund, Ann-Sofie



Journal or seriesEducational Governance Research



Publication year2024

Publication date07/10/2023

Number in series23

Pages range159-177

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In this chapter, we introduce the pedagogical leadership theory of Finnish scholars Fonsén and Lahtero and provide ideas and tools to enhance understanding about the foundation of pedagogical leadership in the background of high-quality comprehensive education and early childhood education.

Dimensions that influence the success of pedagogical leadership are Value, Context, Organisational culture, Professionalism and Management of substance. From the viewpoint of the principal’s work, it is also essential to examine one of the organisational culture’s sub-cultures, leadership culture. The work of principal constitutes many tasks and duties, which can be defined as the indirect and direct pedagogical leadership using the idea of the broad-based pedagogical leadership. The four aspects of human capital that leaders need for pedagogical leadership are: The dimensions of increased knowledge, awareness of the quality of the implemented pedagogy, Skills to lead development, and Ability to argue for pedagogy.

In addition, we introduce Leadership competence model for leading pedagogy and curriculum implementation, and model for early childhood education teachers’ professional development towards pedagogical leadership.

Keywordsleadership (properties)education and trainingpedagogypedagogical leadershipearly childhood education and care

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