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Novel community data in ecology : properties and prospects (2024)

Hartig, F., Abrego, N., Bush, A., Chase, J. M., Guillera-Arroita, G., Leibold, M. A., Ovaskainen, O., Pellissier, L., Pichler, M., Poggiato, G., Pollock, L., Si-Moussi, S., Thuiller, W., Viana, D. S., Warton, D. I., Zurell, D., & Yu, D. W. (2024). Novel community data in ecology : properties and prospects. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 39(3), 280-293. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tree.2023.09.017

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All authors or editorsHartig, Florian; Abrego, Nerea; Bush, Alex; Chase, Jonathan M.; Guillera-Arroita, Gurutzeta; Leibold, Mathew A.; Ovaskainen, Otso; Pellissier, Loïc; Pichler, Maximilian; Poggiato, Giovanni; et al.

Journal or seriesTrends in Ecology and Evolution



Publication year2024

Publication date08/11/2023


Issue number3

Pages range280-293

PublisherCell Press

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageEnglish


Publication open accessNot open

Publication channel open access

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New technologies for monitoring biodiversity such as environmental (e)DNA, passive acoustic monitoring, and optical sensors promise to generate automated spatiotemporal community observations at unprecedented scales and resolutions. Here, we introduce ‘novel community data’ as an umbrella term for these data. We review the emerging field around novel community data, focusing on new ecological questions that could be addressed; the analytical tools available or needed to make best use of these data; and the potential implications of these developments for policy and conservation. We conclude that novel community data offer many opportunities to advance our understanding of fundamental ecological processes, including community assembly, biotic interactions, micro- and macroevolution, and overall ecosystem functioning.

Keywordsecologybiotic communitiesbiodiversitymonitoringresearch methodstechnological developmentdata

Free keywordsenvironmental DNA (eDNA); community ecology; macroecology; passive acoustic; monitoring; camera traps; joint species distribution models (jSDMs)

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