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"Se oli niin selkeesti semmonen tutkijakoulutus" : alumnien kokemuksia kulttuuripolitiikan yliopisto-opintojen roolista asiantuntijuuden rakentumisessa (2023)
"It was so clearly a researcher training" : alumni experiences on the role of cultural policy university studies in the construction of expertise

Huttunen, M., Jakonen, M., Kumpulainen, K., Vierimaa, S., & Villman, E. (2023). "Se oli niin selkeesti semmonen tutkijakoulutus" : alumnien kokemuksia kulttuuripolitiikan yliopisto-opintojen roolista asiantuntijuuden rakentumisessa. Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen vuosikirja, 7(1), 25-42. https://doi.org/10.17409/kpt.127926

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All authors or editorsHuttunen, Miia; Jakonen, Mikko; Kumpulainen, Kaisu; Vierimaa, Sanna; Villman, Emmi

Journal or seriesKulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen vuosikirja


Publication year2023

Publication date19/12/2023


Issue number1

Pages range25-42

PublisherKulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen seura

Publication countryFinland

Publication languageFinnish


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One of the central challenges of working life and education in the 21st century is the ability to recognize, acknowledge, and encounter different forms of knowledge and expertise. This is particularly evident in the cultural field, which is characterized by both the cooperation of actors beyond the fields of art and culture and a project work-focused working life structure, posing challenges for the training of experts. In this article, we examine the experiences of cultural policy alumni regarding the role of university studies in developing their expertise, studying working life skills, and supporting the transition to working life. The data for the article consists of thematic interviews with eight alumni who studied subjects relevant to the cultural field. Based on the data, the key challenge for building expertise appears to be the inability of university education in cultural policy to of-fer tools for students to link versatile theoretical knowledge and practical competence, and thus for building, articulating, and identifying their own expertise already during their studies. We interpret this as an indication of the challenges of university education in cultural policy to recognize the demands for expertise brought about by the changing working life and to understand the identification and development of different forms of expertise as a working life skill in itself.

Keywordscultural policytertiary educationuniversitiestransferable skillsexpertisemultisectoralitycompetence developmenthigher education (teaching)working life orientation

Free keywords academic expertise; workplace skills; university education in cultural policy; collective expertise

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