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Mentors’ Perceptions of Mentoring as a Process of Learning and Knowledge Creation (2023)

Maunula, M., Maunumäki, M., Lähdesmäki, S., & Kantola, J. (2023). Mentors’ Perceptions of Mentoring as a Process of Learning and Knowledge Creation. In IICE 2023 April Conference Papers (pp. 141-146). Infonomics Society. https://doi.org/10.20533/IICE.2023.0039

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All authors or editorsMaunula, Minna; Maunumäki, Minna; Lähdesmäki, Sirkku; Kantola, Jenni

Parent publicationIICE 2023 April Conference Papers

Place and date of conferenceDún Laoghaire, Ireland11.-13.4.2023


Publication year2023

Pages range141-146

Number of pages in the book178

PublisherInfonomics Society

Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


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The mentoring process aims to promote learning and competence and support professional growth. The mentoring process inherently includes elements of learning. However, mentoring is not viewed from the perspective of learning and knowledge creation. This research examines mentors’ perceptions of mentoring as a learning and knowledge creation process. The data consists of qualitative interviews with 10 mentors, which were analysed using abductive content analysis. The results show that mentors’ perceptions of the mentoring process as a learning and knowledge creation process are mixed. A narrow perception is that mentoring is a monologic transfer of information from mentor to actor. A broader, dialogical view is that the mentor and the actor interact to solve problems that are perceived as important. In a trialogical mentoring process, the mentor and the actor create new knowledge together as equal partners. The research suggests that the mentoring process should be viewed more deeply through the processes of learning, so that it is meaningful for the participants and reinforces the current enabling of continuous learning.

Keywordsmentoringtransfer of expertisedialogicalityprofessional developmentlifelong learning

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