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Intrinsic running capacity associates with hippocampal electrophysiology and long-term potentiation in rats (2024)

Mäkinen, E. E., Lensu, S., Wikgren, J., Pekkala, S., Koch, L. G., Britton, S. L., & Nokia, M. S. (2024). Intrinsic running capacity associates with hippocampal electrophysiology and long-term potentiation in rats. Neuroscience Letters, 823, Article 137665. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neulet.2024.137665

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Julkaisun kaikki tekijät tai toimittajatMäkinen, Elina E.; Lensu, Sanna; Wikgren, Jan; Pekkala, Satu; Koch, Lauren G.; Britton, Steven L.; Nokia, Miriam S.

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Good aerobic and metabolic fitness associates with better cognitive performance and brain health. Conversely, poor metabolic health predisposes to neurodegenerative diseases. Our previous findings indicate that rats selectively bred for Low Capacity for Running (LCR) show less synaptic plasticity and more inflammation in the hippocampus and perform worse in tasks requiring flexible cognition than rats bred for High Capacity for Running (HCR). Here we aimed to determine whether hippocampal electrophysiological activity related to learning and memory would be impaired in LCR compared to HCR rats. We also studied whether an exercise intervention could even out the possible differences. We conducted in vivo recordings from the dorsal hippocampus under terminal urethane anesthesia in middle-aged sedentary males and female rats, and in females allowed to access running wheels for 6 weeks. Our results indicate stronger long-term potentiation (LTP) in the CA3-CA1 synapse in HCR than LCR rats, and in female than male rats. Compared to LCR rats, HCR rats had more dentate spikes and more gamma epochs, the occurrence of which also correlated positively with the magnitude of LTP. Voluntary running reduced the differences between female LCR and HCR rats. In conclusion, low innate fitness links to reduced hippocampal function and plasticity which can seems to improve with voluntary aerobic exercise even in middle age.

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Vapaat asiasanatlong-term potentiation; electrophysiology; hippocampus; aerobic exercise capacity; voluntary running

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