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Resolving asymmetry of access in peer interactions during digital tasks in EFL classrooms (2024)

Vänttinen, M. (2024). Resolving asymmetry of access in peer interactions during digital tasks in EFL classrooms. Linguistics and Education, 80, Article 101287. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.linged.2024.101287

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Journal or seriesLinguistics and Education



Publication year2024


Article number101287


Publication countryUnited Kingdom

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In face-to-face classrooms, when mutual visual and/or aural access to a digital device is needed but lacking during digital tasks, participants display an orientation to asymmetric access and resolve the issue through multimodal resources. This study examines the trajectory of negotiating access to digital devices held or handled by a coparticipant in peer classroom interactions. The data are audio-video recordings from English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms, where individual and collaborative learning tasks are performed on or with digital devices. The findings show that pupils seek access to devices mainly through embodiment, such as body shifts, and rearranging material resources, and display a preference for not touching a device held by another pupil. Overall, the negotiation process reflects different types of situated roles and authority. The study contributes to an understanding of peer interaction around digital devices and offers important pedagogical implications for the implementation of technology in classrooms.

Keywordslinguistic interactionsocial interactionschool childrenlearninglanguage learningeducational technologyinformation and communications technology

Free keywordsasymmetry of access; digital devices; peer interaction; L2 classroom interaction; multimodal conversation analysis

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