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Kuuntelemisen osoittaminen kirjoittamalla käydyssä yliopisto-opintojen verkkokeskustelussa (2024)
Demonstrating listening in a written online discussion in university studies

Uotinen, S., Tyrväinen, H., & Valkonen, L. (2024). Kuuntelemisen osoittaminen kirjoittamalla käydyssä yliopisto-opintojen verkkokeskustelussa. Aikuiskasvatus, 44(1), 6-21. https://doi.org/10.33336/aik.127662

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All authors or editorsUotinen, Sanna; Tyrväinen, Heli; Valkonen, Leena

Journal or seriesAikuiskasvatus



Publication year2024

Publication date05/04/2024


Issue number1

Pages range6-21


Publication countryFinland

Publication languageFinnish


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Discussion by writing is an important interactive form of study in online studies. The written messages require listening, i.e., stopping to receive and to respond to a text written by a fellow student. We studied online chat messages related to university studies by analysing where adult students are oriented when listening to each other’s written messages and how they show listening. In the study, we found three different ways of listening to text: 1) Listening to the content, where response messages were oriented to the content of the message received, 2) listening to the person, where response messages were oriented to the author of the previous message or reflection of one’s own thoughts, and 3) listening to the action, where listening was demonstrated by commenting on one’s own or group’s work and the progress of the discussion. Listening was indicated by various expressions referring to previous messages or to their senders. The messages demonstrating listening aimed to express consensus and to complement and strengthen previous content without evaluation. There was little disagreement, and it was expressed cautiously, although it could potentially deepen the learning. Listening, in an online discussion, is an important skill that can be developed, and it enables the experience of being heard by another student.

Keywordsstudies in an institution of higher educationonline studyonline discussionwritten communicationinteractionlisteningreflection (cognitive processes)network communicationcommunicative skills

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