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ZSM-5 Coating for Enhancing the Performance of Ni-Rich Li[Ni0.88Co0.09Mn0.03]O2 Cathodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries (2024)

Rostami, H., Mehdipour, P., Hu, T., Välikangas, J., Kauppinen, T., Laine, P., Lassi, U., Sliz, R., & Tynjälä, P. (2024). ZSM-5 Coating for Enhancing the Performance of Ni-Rich Li[Ni0.88Co0.09Mn0.03]O2 Cathodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Early online. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.iecr.3c04400

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All authors or editorsRostami, Hossein; Mehdipour, Parisa; Hu, Tao; Välikangas, Juho; Kauppinen, Toni; Laine, Petteri; Lassi, Ulla; Sliz, Rafal; Tynjälä, Pekka

Journal or seriesIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research



Publication year2024

Publication date10/05/2024

VolumeEarly online

PublisherAmerican Chemical Society (ACS)

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageEnglish


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This work presents the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich Li[Ni0.88Co0.09Mn0.03]O2 (LNCM-88) synthesized by using pure and recycled MeSO4 solutions and then surface-coated with Zeolite Socony Mobil-5 (ZSM-5). X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) patterns of uncoated and ZSM-5-coated LNCM-88 showed α-NaFeO2 structures in the space group R3̅m. Based on the results, the uncoated LNCM-88 prepared from a pure solution exhibited better performance during the initial cycles. However, uncoated LNCM-88 produced from the mixed solution demonstrated greater long-term durability than the pure solution, retaining 93.5% of its initial capacity after 62 cycles. Additionally, coated (0.5 wt % ZSM-5) LNCM-88 yielded the highest initial charge capacity (241.8 mAh g–1), discharge capacity (221.2 mAh g–1), and initial Coulombic efficiency (93.8%). The ZSM-5 coating facilitated rapid Li+ diffusion, reduced cation mixing, and increased the lattice space, leading to enhanced performance. This study highlighted the significant benefits of ZSM-5 coating in improving the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich LNCM-88 cathode materials, making them promising candidates for advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Keywordselectrodessurfacings (matter)nickelzeoliteslithium-ion batterieselectrochemistry

Free keywordscoating materials; electrodes; materials; transition metals; zeolites

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