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One-loop corrections to light cone wave functions : The dipole picture DIS cross section (2018)

Hänninen, H., Lappi, T., & Paatelainen, R. (2018). One-loop corrections to light cone wave functions : The dipole picture DIS cross section. Annals of Physics, 393, 358-412. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aop.2018.04.015

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All authors or editorsHänninen, Henri; Lappi, Tuomas; Paatelainen, Risto

Journal or seriesAnnals of Physics



Publication year2018


Issue number0

Pages range358-412

PublisherElsevier Inc.

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageEnglish


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We develop methods to perform loop calculations in light cone perturbation theory using a helicity basis, refining the method introduced in our earlier work. In particular this includes implementing a consistent way to contract the four-dimensional tensor structures from the helicity vectors with d-dimensional tensors arising from loop integrals, in a way that can be fully automatized. We demonstrate this explicitly by calculating the one-loop correction to the virtual photon to quark–antiquark dipole light cone wave function. This allows us to calculate the deep inelastic scattering cross section in the dipole formalism to next-to-leading order accuracy. Our results, obtained using the four dimensional helicity scheme, agree with the recent calculation by Beuf using conventional dimensional regularization, confirming the regularization scheme independence of this cross section.

Keywordsquantum physicsparticle physics

Free keywordslight-cone perturbation theory; small-x; color glass condensate

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