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Patented intelligence : cloning human decision models for Industry 4.0 (2018)

Terziyan, V., Gryshko, S., & Golovianko, M. (2018). Patented intelligence : cloning human decision models for Industry 4.0. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 48(Part C), 204-217. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmsy.2018.04.019

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All authors or editorsTerziyan, Vagan; Gryshko, Svitlana; Golovianko, Mariia

Journal or seriesJournal of Manufacturing Systems



Publication year2018


Issue numberPart C

Pages range204-217

PublisherElsevier Ltd

Publication countryUnited Kingdom

Publication languageEnglish


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Industry 4.0 is a trend related to smart factories, which are cyber-physical spaces populated and controlled by the collective intelligence for the autonomous and highly flexible manufacturing purposes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded into various planning, production, and management processes in Industry 4.0 must take the initiative and responsibility for making necessary real-time decisions in many cases. In this paper, we suggest the Pi-Mind technology as a compromise between completely human-expert-driven decision-making and AI-driven decision-making. Pi-Mind enables capturing, cloning and patenting essential parameters of the decision models from a particular human expert making these models transparent, proactive and capable of autonomic and fast decision-making simultaneously in many places. The technology facilitates the human impact (due to ubiquitous presence) in smart manufacturing processes and enables human-AI shared responsibility for the consequences of the decisions made. It also benefits from capturing and utilization of the traditionally human creative cognitive capabilities (sometimes intuitive and emotional), which in many cases outperform the rational decision-making. Pi-Mind technology is a set of models, techniques, and tools built on principles of value-based biased decision-making and creative cognitive computing to augment the axioms of decision rationality in industry.

Keywordsmanufacturing engineeringindustrial automationintelligent systemsknowledge systemscollective intelligencedecision making

Free keywordsindustry 4.0; Pi-Mind; decision-making; cyber-physical system; cognitive models; value system; preference; clone; patented intelligence; smart decision; ontology

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