G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
Muistisairaan ihmisen kokemukset teknologiasta osana arkea - turvaa vai tunkeilevuutta (2018)

Riikonen, M. (2018). Muistisairaan ihmisen kokemukset teknologiasta osana arkea - turvaa vai tunkeilevuutta. : Jyväskylän yliopisto.

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All authors or editors: Riikonen, Merja

ISBN: 978-951-39-7568-5

Journal or series: JYU dissertations

ISSN: 2489-9003

Publication year: 2018

Number in series: 24

Number of pages in the book: 87

Publisher: Jyväskylän yliopisto

Place of Publication: Jyväskylä

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

Persistent website address: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-39-7568-5

Open Access: Publication published in an open access channel

Additional information: Artikkeliväitöskirjan yhteenveto-osa ja 4 eripainosta. The experiences of technology as part of daily life of people with dementia - security or intrusion. Lawtonin ekologinen malli. haastattelumenetelmät haastattelut tarkkailu sisällönanalyysi

Keywords: memory loss diseases; people with memory disorders; dementia; experiences (knowledge); technology; tracking; remote monitoring; mobility; caring for close relatives; family caregivers; home care; satellite navigation; lack of safety; autonomy (societal properties); stigmata; aids (implements); technics (devices); ageing; moving; ethicality

Free keywords: insecurity; people with dementia; experience; tracking technology

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Ministry reporting: Yes

Reporting Year: 2018

Preliminary JUFO rating: Not rated

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