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Proton decay of 108I and its significance for the termination of the astrophysical rp-process (2019)

Auranen, K., Seweryniak, D., Albers, M., Ayangeakaa, A.D., Bottoni, S., Carpenter, M.P., Chiara, C.J., Copp, P., David, H.M., Doherty, D.T., Harker, J., Hoffman, C.R., Janssens, R.V.F., Khoo, T.L., Kuvin, S.A., Lauritsen, T., Lotay, G., Rogers, A.M., Scholey, C., . . . Zhu, S. (2019). Proton decay of 108I and its significance for the termination of the astrophysical rp-process. Physics Letters B, 792, 187-192. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2019.03.039

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All authors or editorsAuranen, K.; Seweryniak, D.; Albers, M.; Ayangeakaa, A.D.; Bottoni, S.; Carpenter, M.P.; Chiara, C.J.; Copp, P.; David, H.M.; Doherty, D.T.; et al.

Journal or seriesPhysics Letters B



Publication year2019


Issue number0

Pages range187-192

PublisherElsevier BV

Publication countryNetherlands

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Employing the Argonne Fragment Mass Analyzer and the implantation-decay-decay correlation technique, a weak 0.50(21)% proton decay branch was identified in 108 I for the first time. The 108 I proton-decay width is consistent with a hindered l=2 emission, suggesting a d [Formula presented] origin. Using the extracted 108 I proton-decay Q value of 597(13) keV, and the Q α values of the 108 I and 107 Te isotopes, a proton-decay Q value of 510(20) keV for 104 Sb was deduced. Similarly to the 112,113 Cs proton-emitter pair, the Q p (I108) value is lower than that for the less-exotic neighbor 109 I, possibly due to enhanced proton-neutron interactions in N≈Z nuclei. In contrast, the present Q p (Sb104) is higher than that of 105 Sb, suggesting a weaker interaction energy. For the present Q p (Sb104) value, network calculations with the one-zone X-ray burst model Mazzocchi et al. (2007) [18] predict no significant branching into the Sn-Sb-Te cycle at 103 Sn.

Keywordsnuclear physicsastrophysics

Free keywordsalpha decay; proton decay; astrophysical rp process; 104Sb; 107Te; 108I

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