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Fusion reaction 48Ca+249Bk leading to formation of the element Ts (Z=117) (2019)

Khuyagbaatar, J., Yakushev, A., Düllmann, C. E., Ackermann, D., Andersson, L.-L., Asai, M., Block, M., Boll, R. A., Brand, H., Cox, D. M., Dasgupta, M., Derkx, X., Nitto, A. D., Eberhardt, K., Even, J., Evers, M., Fahlander, C., Forsberg, U., Gates, J. M., . . . Yakusheva, V. (2019). Fusion reaction 48Ca+249Bk leading to formation of the element Ts (Z=117). Physical Review C, 99(5), Article 054306. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.99.054306

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All authors or editorsKhuyagbaatar, J.; Yakushev, A.; Düllmann, Ch. E.; Ackermann, D.; Andersson, L.-L.; Asai, M.; Block, M.; Boll, R. A.; Brand, H.; Cox, D. M.; et al.

Journal or seriesPhysical Review C



Publication year2019


Issue number5

Article number054306

PublisherAmerican Physical Society

Publication countryUnited States

Publication languageEnglish


Publication open accessNot open

Publication channel open access

Publication is parallel published (JYX)https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/63921

Keywordsnuclear physics

Free keywordslow and intermediate energy heavy-ion reactions; nuclear structure and decays

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Reporting Year2019

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