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Consistent large-scale shell-model analysis of the two-neutrino ββ and single β branchings in 48Ca and 96Zr (2020)

Kostensalo, J., & Suhonen, J. (2020). Consistent large-scale shell-model analysis of the two-neutrino ββ and single β branchings in 48Ca and 96Zr. Physics Letters B, 802, Article 135192. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2019.135192

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All authors or editors: Kostensalo, Joel; Suhonen, Jouni

Journal or series: Physics Letters B

ISSN: 0370-2693

eISSN: 1873-2445

Publication year: 2020

Volume: 802

Article number: 135192

Publisher: Elsevier

Publication country: Netherlands

Publication language: English

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2019.135192

Publication open access: Openly available

Publication channel open access: Open Access channel

Publication is parallel published (JYX): https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/67295

Web address of parallel published publication (pre-print): https://arxiv.org/abs/1908.07911


Two-neutrino double-beta-decay matrix elements M2ν and single beta-decay branching ratios were calculated for 48Ca and 96Zr in the interacting nuclear shell model using large single-particle valence spaces with well-tested two-body Hamiltonians. For 48Ca the matrix element M2ν=0.0511 is obtained, which is 5.5% smaller than the previously reported value of 0.0539. For 96Zr this work reports the first large-scale shell-model calculation of the nuclear matrix element, yielding a value M2ν=0.0747 with extreme single-state dominance. These matrix elements, combined with the available ββ-decay half-life data, yield effective values of the weak axial coupling which in turn are used to produce in a consistent way the β-decay branching ratios of (7.5±2.8) % for 48Ca and (18.4±0.09) % for 96Zr. These are larger than obtained in previous studies, implying that the detection of the β-decay branches could be possible in dedicated experiments sometime in the (near) future.

Keywords: nuclear physics

Free keywords: double-beta decay; axial-vector coupling; 48Ca; 96Zr; shell model; matrix elements

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