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Why Does Cultural Diversity Foster Technology-enabled Intergenerational Collaboration? (2019)

Nurhas, I., Aditya, B. R., Geisler, S., & Pawlowski, J. (2019). Why Does Cultural Diversity Foster Technology-enabled Intergenerational Collaboration?. In A. Younus (Ed.), ISICO 2019 : Proceedings of the Fifth Information Systems International Conference (pp. 15-22). Elsevier. Procedia Computer Science, 161. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.procs.2019.11.094

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All authors or editorsNurhas, Irawan; Aditya, Bayu Rima; Geisler, Stefan; Pawlowski, Jan

Parent publicationISICO 2019 : Proceedings of the Fifth Information Systems International Conference

Parent publication editorsYounus, Arjumand


  • Information Systems International Conference

Place and date of conferenceSurabaya, Indonesia23.-24.7.2019

Journal or seriesProcedia Computer Science


Publication year2019

Number in series161

Pages range15-22

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Publication countryNetherlands

Publication languageEnglish


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Globalization and information technology enable people to join the movement of global citizenship and work without borders. However, different type of barriers existed that could affect collaboration in today’s work environment, in which different generations are involved. Although researchers have identified several technical barriers to intergenerational collaboration (iGOAL), the influence of cultural diversity on iGOAL has rarely been studied. Therefore, using a quantitative study approach, this paper investigates the impact of differences in cultural background on perceived technical and operational barriers to iGOAL. Our study reveals six barriers to IGC that are perceived differently by culturally diverse people (CDP) and non-CDP. Furthermore, CDP can foster IGC because CDP consider the barriers to be of less of a reason to avoid working with different generations than do non-CDP.


Free keywordschallenges; problems; cross-generational collaboration; cross-cultural teamwork; barriers

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