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德治视域下的善政与善治 [Good Governance from the Perspective of Rule of Virtue] (2019)

Liu Yan. (2019, 471). 德治视域下的善政与善治 [Good Governance from the Perspective of Rule of Virtue]. Zhīshì wénkù, (23), 40-41.

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All authors or editors: Liu Yan

Journal or series: Zhīshì wénkù

ISSN: 1002-2708

Publication year: 2019

Volume: 471

Issue number: 23

Pages range: 40-41

Publisher: Harbin Daily Newspaper Group

Publication country: China

Publication language: Chinese

Publication open access: Not open

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Power is the core of politics, power allocation is the main body of state and social governance, and the virtue of power allocation as the value judgment of political governance is to provide the correct ideological and moral basis for governance. The good social appeal of the value of the rule of virtue embodies the desire and expectation of people seeking socialist development. The rule of virtue in the political perspective mainly studies the legality, rationality, ethics, and ethics of the national government and the ruling party, which are different and connected, overlapping and overlapping issues, that is, good governance. What and how the government and the ruling party should rely on to arrange and execute the heavy task of governing this country, nation and society. The transition from good governance to good governance is a common trend in the development of human politics, and the pursuit of good governance is the ideal goal of governments around the world. The general political requirements have changed from more governance and less governance to less governance and more governance. Good governance in a global political model. [Machine translation]

Keywords: good governance; virtues; separation of powers

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