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Puhekaverina botti : viestivä tekoäly inhimillistettynä vuorovaikutuskumppanina (2020)
Bot as a Chat Buddy : Communicative AI as an Anthropomorphized Interactive Companion

Laaksonen, S.-M., Laitinen, K., Koivula, M., & Sihvonen, T. (2020). Puhekaverina botti : viestivä tekoäly inhimillistettynä vuorovaikutuskumppanina. Lähikuva, 33(1), 63-78. https://doi.org/10.23994/lk.91435

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All authors or editors: Laaksonen, Salla-Maaria; Laitinen, Kaisa; Koivula, Minna; Sihvonen, Tanja

Journal or series: Lähikuva

ISSN: 2343-399X

eISSN: 2343-399X

Publication year: 2020

Volume: 33

Issue number: 1

Pages range: 63-78

Publisher: Lähikuva-yhdistys

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23994/lk.91435

Publication open access: Openly available

Publication channel open access: Open Access channel

Publication is parallel published (JYX): https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/68583


Communicative artificial intelligence, or algorithms capable of communicating in natural language, are becoming increasingly typical inhabitants of technological platforms. One typical form of communicative AI is a bot: An automated program that manifests through a user account like a regular (human) user and performs simple functions or commands. Bots, in one way or another, tend to appear as human users, or at least they are programmed and designed to incorporate human features.

This article explores the role of bots as interlocutors in organizational communication and on social media platforms, by building on the emerging literature of human-machine communication (HMC). We focus on two empirical cases: SlackBot, an interactive, programmable bot in operation on Slack within a media organization, and LoveBot Blue, part of Fazer’s ad campaign that was designed to battle hate speech online. In conclusion, we suggest that the anthropomorphization of bots is an important part of their functionality in social and interactive situations. Bots are endowed with agency particularly through the communication of the human actors who interact with them. Our results highlight the call presented in HMC literature that the emergence of new digital interlocutors generates a need to redefine the existing conceptualizations of communication, interaction, and agency in the context of communicative AIs.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; human-computer interaction; linguistic interaction; social interaction; communication; verbal communication; online chatting; anthropomorphism; human agency

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