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High-Precision Q-Value Measurement Confirms the Potential of 135Cs for Absolute Antineutrino Mass Scale Determination (2020)

de Roubin, A., Kostensalo, J., Eronen, T., Canete, L., de Groote, R. P., Jokinen, A., Kankainen, A., Nesterenko, D. A., Moore, I. D., Rinta-Antila, S., Suhonen, J., & Vilén, M. (2020). High-Precision Q-Value Measurement Confirms the Potential of 135Cs for Absolute Antineutrino Mass Scale Determination. Physical Review Letters, 124(22), Article 222503. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.222503

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All authors or editorsde Roubin, A.; Kostensalo, J.; Eronen, T.; Canete, L.; de Groote, R. P.; Jokinen, A.; Kankainen, A.; Nesterenko, D. A.; Moore, I. D.; Rinta-Antila, S.; et al.

Journal or seriesPhysical Review Letters



Publication year2020


Issue number22

Article number222503

PublisherAmerican Physical Society

Publication countryUnited States

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The ground-state-to-ground-state β-decay Q value of 135Cs(7/2+)→135Ba(3/2+) has been directly measured for the first time. The measurement was done utilizing both the phase-imaging ion-cyclotron resonance technique and the time-of-flight ion-cyclotron resonance technique at the JYFLTRAP Penning-trap setup and yielded a mass difference of 268.66(30) keV between 135Cs(7/2+) and 135Ba(3/2+). With this very small uncertainty, this measurement is a factor of 3 more precise than the currently adopted Q value in the Atomic Mass Evaluation 2016. The measurement confirms that the first-forbidden unique β—decay transition 135Cs(7/2+)→135Ba(11/2−) is a candidate for antineutrino mass measurements with an ultralow Q value of 0.44(31) keV. This Q value is almost an order of magnitude smaller than those of nuclides presently used in running or planned direct (anti)neutrino mass experiment.

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