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Luminescent PhotoCORMs : Enabling/Disabling CO Delivery upon Blue Light Irradiation (2020)

Weiss, V. C., Farias, G., Amorim, A. L., Xavier, F. R., Camargo, T. P., Bregalda, M. B., Haukka, M., Nordlander, E., de Souza, B., & Peralta, R. A. (2020). Luminescent PhotoCORMs : Enabling/Disabling CO Delivery upon Blue Light Irradiation. Inorganic Chemistry, 59(18), 13078-13090. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c00638

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All authors or editors: Weiss, Vitor C.; Farias, Giliandro; Amorim, André L.; Xavier, Fernando R.; Camargo, Tiago P.; Bregalda, Mayana B.; Haukka, Matti; Nordlander, Ebbe; de Souza, Bernardo; Peralta, Rosely A.

Journal or series: Inorganic Chemistry

ISSN: 0020-1669

eISSN: 1520-510X

Publication year: 2020

Volume: 59

Issue number: 18

Pages range: 13078-13090

Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS)

Publication country: United States

Publication language: English

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c00638

Publication open access: Not open

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The new luminescent carbonyl compounds [Mn(Oxa-H)(CO)3Br] (1) and [Mn(Oxa-NMe2)(CO)3Br] (2) were synthesized and fully characterized. Complexes 1 and 2 showed CO release under blue light (λ453). Spectroscopic techniques and TD-DFT and SOC-TD-DFT calculations indicated that 1 and 2 release the Oxa-H and Oxa-NMe2 coligands in addition to the carbonyl ligands, increasing the luminescence during photoinduction.

Keywords: photochemistry; luminescence; coordination complexes; ligands; carbon monoxide

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Reporting Year: 2020

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