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”Nyt Litti järki käteen!” : televisiolle suunnatut direktiivit #ylemmfutis-tviiteissä (2020)

Salomaa, E. (2020). ”Nyt Litti järki käteen!” : televisiolle suunnatut direktiivit #ylemmfutis-tviiteissä. Virittäjä, 124(3), 352-379. https://doi.org/10.23982/vir.75297

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All authors or editors: Salomaa, Elina

Journal or series: Virittäjä

ISSN: 0042-6806

eISSN: 2242-8828

Publication year: 2020

Volume: 124

Issue number: 3

Pages range: 352-379

Publisher: Kotikielen seura

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23982/vir.75297

Publication open access: Not open

Publication channel open access: Delayed open access channel

Publication is parallel published (JYX): https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/72463


This article examines the interactional practice of live tweeting, specifically manifested in directive tweet addressed to the television. The data comprises FIFA World Cup broadcasts on Yle (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) and tweets with the hashtag #ylemmfutis ('#yleworldcup') sent during the broadcasts. Although Twitter enables the connection not only between television viewers but also between a viewer and a participant on TV, some previous studies have shown that television actors do not generally respond to such unsolicited messages. Thus, the main objective of this article is to investigate whether these directive tweets represent any other interactional functions.
Methodologically, the article draws on digital conversation analysis, which applies tools and concepts from conversation analysis in the analysis of technologically-mediated communication. By examining the broadcast and tweets simultaneously, the article shows how live-tweeters construct sequentiality in an intermedial way by simultaneously orienting both to the ongoing broadcast and other live-tweeters.
The study shows that tweet designed as directives are not (only) meant to guide the actions of television actors, but through these tweets a tweeter can point out mistakes and flaws (e.g. in the commentary or refereeing) to other live-tweeters and evaluate the action in question. By analyzing responses to initiative tweets, I show that instead of a directive function, the tweeters orient to the affective assessment of the messages.

Keywords: social media; online discussion; linguistic interaction; Twitter; television programmes; sports programmes; football; conversation analysis

Free keywords: digitaalinen keskusteluanalyysi

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