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Mobiilipäiväkirjatutkimus korkeakouluopiskelijoiden päivittäisestä opiskeluun liittyvästä stressistä ja stressinhallintakeinoista (2020)
Daily stress and how to handle it : a mobile diary study of students in higher education

Moilanen, S., Lindroos, E., Tolvanen, A., Sevón, E., Autio, L., & Rönkä, A. (2020). Mobiilipäiväkirjatutkimus korkeakouluopiskelijoiden päivittäisestä opiskeluun liittyvästä stressistä ja stressinhallintakeinoista. Psykologia, 55(6), 444-462.

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All authors or editors: Moilanen, Sanna; Lindroos, Emmi; Tolvanen, Asko; Sevón, Eija; Autio, Laura; Rönkä, Anna

Journal or series: Psykologia

ISSN: 0355-1067

Publication year: 2020

Volume: 55

Issue number: 6

Pages range: 444-462

Publisher: Suomen psykologinen seura

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

Publication open access: Not open

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The aim of this mobile diary study was to explore daily academic stress, strategies to cope with the stress, as well as connections between coping strategies and the change in daily stress levels. In the study, 86 university students reported their level of stress and the strategies they used to cope with stress once a day, for one week. The mobile diary included both structured questions (e.g., academic stress) along with open-ended questions on the means students used to cope with stress. The students received and responded to the questions with their mobile phones via text messages. The results showed a large individual variation in the level of daily stress. Seven types of strategies dealing with stress were identified, including promoting studies and physical activity. It was found that social relations, promoting studies, time management, and positive thinking as strategies to cope with stress were effective in terms of the stress level change between consecutive days.

Keywords: students; studies in an institution of higher education; stress management; experienced well-being; follow-up study

Free keywords: diary study; academic stress; students in higher education; coping

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Reporting Year: 2020

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