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UV laser induced photolysis of glycolic acid isolated in argon matrices (2021)

Krupa, J., Kosendiak, I., Wierzejewska, M., Ahokas, J., & Lundell, J. (2021). UV laser induced photolysis of glycolic acid isolated in argon matrices. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 412, Article 113236. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jphotochem.2021.113236

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All authors or editors: Krupa, Justy; Kosendiak, Iwona; Wierzejewska, Maria; Ahokas, Jussi; Lundell, Jan

Journal or series: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry

ISSN: 1010-6030

eISSN: 1873-2666

Publication year: 2021

Volume: 412

Article number: 113236

Publisher: Elsevier

Publication country: Switzerland

Publication language: English

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jphotochem.2021.113236

Publication open access: Not open

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Publication is parallel published (JYX): https://jyx.jyu.fi/handle/123456789/74528


The photochemistry of matrix-isolated glycolic acid, induced by UV light, was studied by FTIR spectroscopy and B3LYPD3/6-311++G(3df,3pd) calculations. Several decomposition pathways were found to take place upon 212 nm and 226 nm wavelengths irradiation. A number of complexes formed between photoproducts were identified, among them those of formaldehyde with water, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as the H2O-CO complexes. The structure and spectroscopic assignment of the photoproducts were made comparing the experimental results with the theoretical predictions and available literature data. The observed formation of different complexes indicates various pathways for their formation resulting from UV-induced photodecomposition of different precursor isomers.

Keywords: molecules; photochemistry; computational chemistry; spectroscopy

Free keywords: molecular complexes; vibrational spectroscopy; Matrix isolation; carboxylic acid; computational chemistry

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