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Neuropsykologisen kuntoutuksen vaikuttavuus lapsilla ja nuorilla : systemaattisten sateenvarjokatsausten yhteenveto (2021)
The efficacy of neuropsychological rehabilitation in children and adolescents : a summary of umbrella reviews

Hokkanen, Laura, Laasonen, Marja, Klenberg, Liisa, Koponen, Tuire, Peltomaa, Kaisa, Närhi, Vesa, Kuntoutuksen vaikuttavuustyöryhmä (KTV). (2021). Neuropsykologisen kuntoutuksen vaikuttavuus lapsilla ja nuorilla : systemaattisten sateenvarjokatsausten yhteenveto. Psykologia, 56(2), 131-144.

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All authors or editors: Hokkanen, Laura; Laasonen, Marja; Klenberg, Liisa; Koponen, Tuire; Peltomaa, Kaisa; Närhi, Vesa; Kuntoutuksen vaikuttavuustyöryhmä (KTV)

Journal or series: Psykologia

ISSN: 0355-1067

Publication year: 2021

Volume: 56

Issue number: 2

Pages range: 131-144

Publisher: Suomen psykologinen seura

Publication country: Finland

Publication language: Finnish

Publication open access: Not open

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This article gathers evidence on the efficacy of neuropsychological rehabilitation in children and adolescents. The work is linked to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Finnish Psychological Association and Finnish Psychological Society's project to prepare guidelines for good clinical practice for different fields of psychology. Efficacy has earlier been evaluated for adult neuropsychological rehabilitation. This article on children and adolescents is based on seven systematic umbrella reviews, focusing on the efficacy of impairments in language, reading abilities, mathematical abilities, visual and visuospatial abilities, memory, executive functions, and social skills. These reviews form the current special issue. The seven umbrella reviews screened a totaI of 5,897 systematic reviews or meta-analyses, with 165 selected for inclusion. The results indicate that a wide range of interventions relevant to neuropsychological rehabilitation exist, but the quality of research has been heterogeneous. The few high-quality studies have yielded medium or even large effects, but for the large part, evidence is incomplete. In addition to cognitive training, the interventions include a wide variety of teacher and parent supervision, behavioral therapy, and other psychosocial treatments. Based on the extracted evidence, guidelines for the neuropsychological rehabilitation of children and adolescents are provided.

Keywords: neuropsychological rehabilitation; children (age groups); young people; intervention (treatment methods); efficacy; best practices; evidence-based practices

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