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Hyvänlaatuisen niskakivun hoito perusterveydenhuollossa (2019)
Treatment of benign neck pain in primary health care

Karppinen, J., Laimi, K., Holopainen, R., Lausmaa, M., Paukkunen, M., Simula, A. S., & Arokoski, J. (2019). Hyvänlaatuisen niskakivun hoito perusterveydenhuollossa. Lääkärilehti, 74(44), 2512-2516. https://www.laakarilehti.fi/tieteessa/kaytannot/hyvanlaatuisen-niskakivun-hoito-perusterveydenhuollossa/

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All authors or editorsKarppinen, Jaro; Laimi, Katri; Holopainen, Riikka; Lausmaa, Mikko; Paukkunen, Maija; Simula, Anna Sofia; Arokoski, Jari

Journal or seriesLääkärilehti



Publication year2019


Issue number44

Pages range2512-2516

PublisherSuomen lääkäriliitto

Publication countryFinland

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Persistent website addresshttps://www.laakarilehti.fi/tieteessa/kaytannot/hyvanlaatuisen-niskakivun-hoito-perusterveydenhuollossa/

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Benign non-specific neck pain is a highly prevalent complaint. The aim of clinical examinations and patient interviews is to recognize not only the potential specific, serious causes of pain but also the factors that maintain or prolong neck pain, such as work-related factors, adverse lifestyles and psychosocial factors. The short version of the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire enables the identification of patients at an increased risk of work disability. Patient information, which should be based on individualized assessment of pain-provoking factors, and active therapeutic exercise are the cornerstones of neck pain treatment, whereas passive modalities have no long-term efficacy. A good, empathetic therapeutic alliance supports recovery and helps decrease pain-related fear. Neck pain patients are usually treated in primary health care, and those with work disability need to be evaluated in occupational health care.

Keywordsnape of the neckpainchronic paindiagnosticsconservative treatmentrehabilitationphysical trainingexercise therapypatient care relationshipinteraction

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