Lohvansuu, Kaisa; Astikainen, Piia. AudPath_IC2. V. 26.10.2021.

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All authors: Lohvansuu, Kaisa; Astikainen, Piia

Funders: Academy of Finland


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Description: Animal experiment data from AudPath -project.

In total 20 adult male rats (two groups, N=10 in each) were measured using EEG after exposed to speech sounds, either to phoneme duration changes or to spectrotemporal changes. Acute recordings in urethane anesthetized animals were be applied. The target area was the subcortical inferior colliculus (IC) of the midbrain. During the recordings animals are placed inside a sound-attenuated room in a stereotaxic frame and sounds are delivered through a sealed acoustic system using a loudspeaker. Local field potentials (LFPs) are recorded using 64-channel silicone probe. We will apply two oddball conditions: one with the different vowel /a/ durations (200 ms, 150-ms sound and 100 ms sound, and another with consonant changes (/ba/, /da/, and /ga/). Each group of animals were first exposed to the one type of speech sounds during the three consecutive nights and after that the recordings were done using the both paradigms.

Language: English

Free keywords: perceptual learning, language learning, Inferior Colliculus, FFR, frequency-following response

Keywords (YSO): EEG; cognitive neuroscience; neuroplasticity; neuropsychology; neurosciences

Fields of science: 515 Psychology; 3112 Neurosciences

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