Atte Kilpinen's narrative research interview in August 8th 2020

Silvola, Kari. (2021). Atte Kilpinen's narrative research interview in August 8th 2020. V. 7.9.2020. University of Jyväskylä.

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DescriptionThe material consists of a narrative research interview of dancer Atte Kilpinen (AK) in August 2020. The material is related to the dissertation Oma pimiö - The Limits of Knowledge in portraits of an ice hockey player, dancer, photo model and Tom of Finland, and is the basis for Atte Kilpinen’s biographical portrait.

The 1st narrative thematic interview of Atte Kilpinen (AK) on August 8, 2020, at 2 pm was initially made as a Zoom video call and continued as a telephone interview. At the beginning of the narrative thematic interview, there is first an open life storytelling, then additional questions related to the theme and questions that clarify aspects of the told life story. The material contains the answers to the questions A) What is AK’s life story like in perspective of dance? B) Where has AK studied dance, what kind of dance projects he has had, what kind of dance roles and performances? The AK says in an interview with Yle that he has a husband and a child. C) How does AK define his sexual identity: gay, bi, pan, A, someone else? How has his sexual identity evolved? At what age did he become aware about his sexual orientation? Has his sexual identity or orientation changed at some point? D) How does AK describe himself as a man? Has he ever been in the closet? What does the closet mean for him? What concrete examples of events does he have about the closet? What is it like to be in the closet? What is it like to pass for straight? What features has AK emphasized in himself, what kind of disguised? E) When and how did AK come out? How did his parents take it? What about other people? F) Is there a closet on the stage? Has AK ever had to lie about his identity? Is it easier for a male dancer to be a non-hetero than for a hockey player? What does being a non-heterosexual mean to AK?


Free keywordssexual minorities; homosexuality; dancers

Keywords (YSO)homophobiagay culturehomosexualityhomosexualsballet (art forms)

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