Narrative research interview of Janne Puhakka August 26th 2020

Silvola, Kari. (2021). Narrative research interview of Janne Puhakka August 26th 2020. V. 11.10.2021. University of Jyväskylä.

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DescriptionThe material consists of a narrative research interview with ex-hockey player Janne Puhakka in August 2020. The material is related to the dissertation A Darkroom of our own - The Limits of knowing in written portraits of a hockey player, dancer, photo model and Tom of Finland and is the basis for Janne Puhakka's portrait.

The 1st narrative thematic interview of Janne Puhakka (JP) on August 26, 2020, at 6 pm was conducted as a telephone interview during a lockdown due to a covid19 pandemic. At the beginning of the narrative thematic interview, there is first an open life storytelling, then additional questions related to the theme and questions that clarify aspects of the life story. The material contains the answers to questions A) What is JP’s life story like in perspective of ice hockey: the whole career with the most significant steps and the most memorable situations that have been the most important to him. JP talks about his homosexuality in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat on November 29, 2019. B) How did JP’s sexual identity evolve? At what age did JP realize he was gay / homosexual? Can JP remember the situation where he first understood his orientation? Has JP’s sexual identity changed at any point? JP says in the article in Helsingin Sanomat that he was earlier in the closet. C) What was it like to live in a closet? Concrete examples, experiences, events? In what ways or ways did he pass for straight? What features did he emphasize in himself, what did he cover up? What did he answer when asked about a girlfriend? Were there situations where he was about to be revealed? D) While in the closet, did anyone ever suspect him to be gay? Does he know if there were any gossip about him? How did the concealment of his identity feel? In what ways was he able to distinguish sexuality from the rest of his identity? E) As JP pondered the coming out, did he consider most the reaction of his ice hockey club’s management, teammates, fans, or someone else? When and how did JP first come out? How did his parents take it? Sisters? What about teammates? Schoolmates? What was the car drive like with teammate when JP came out for them? F) How did it feel when a colleague publicly called gays “little mice”? Has JP ever had to lie about his identity? Why has it been so difficult, almost impossible, for a hockey player to be gay or at least come out? What are the practical examples of locker-room talk? G) How does JP describe himself as a man? H) Does JP remember what the situation was like when he made the final decision to come out in public? How did the coming out happen in practice? What was the first reaction of JP when the news came out in public? What have been the consequences for JP? Have the coming out and publicity changed JP? Why did JP want to come out in public?

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