Interview of Touko Laaksonen for Prätkäposti-magazine on April 18th, 1990 and April 21st, 1990

Silvola, Kari; Kimmel, Leeku (haastattelija); Korpinen, Pertti (haastattelija); Mustola, Kati (kommentit).. (2021). Interview of Touko Laaksonen for Prätkäposti-magazine on April 18th, 1990 and April 21st, 1990. V. 11.10.2021. University of Jyväskylä.

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All authorsSilvola, Kari; Kimmel, Leeku (haastattelija); Korpinen, Pertti (haastattelija); Mustola, Kati (kommentit).

Contact informationMustola, Kati.

FundersFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Music, Art and Culture Studies


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Publication year2021

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DescriptionThe dataset consists of two thematic interviews of a Finnish homoerotic visual artist and cartoonist Touko Laaksonen (TL), known as Tom of Finland, on April 18th, 1990 and April 21st, 1990. At the time of the interviews, TL had advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and he died a year and a half after the interviews were given. The interviewers were Leeku Kimmel and Pertti (Pepe) Korpinen. The material consists of a transcript of the recording of Kimmel and Korpinen. Material size: transcript 107 pages. The theme interview covers TL’s lifespan. He describes his childhood and youth in Kaarina, studies and student life in Turku and Helsinki, and wartime in the Finnish Defense Forces. He retrospectively goes through his career as an artist, his previous career in an advertising agency as an illustrator and AD, and his first career as a restaurant musician. In the interview, TL also analyzes his drawing technique and its development, as well as the origins, influences and sources of inspiration for his art. In the interview, TL talks in detail about the business and the sales and marketing of the drawings, and the efforts to pursue and enter the markets in the United States, Europe, and Scandinavia. He recalls his art exhibitions as well as other homoerotic artists of his time. The interviews also provide an overview of 20th-century American and European as well as Finnish gay culture, and especially the leather fetish culture from a one-man perspective, based on his experiences and recollections. ollections.


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