Lipas data 04/2022

Lamberg, Anne; Laakso, Tapani (2022). Lipas data 04/2022. V. 29.4.2022.

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All authors: Lamberg, Anne; Laakso, Tapani

Funders: Ministry of Education and Culture; University of Jyväskylä


Availability and identifiers

Availability: Direct download

Publication year: 2022

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Description of the dataset

Description: This data includes all sport facilities in Lipas database on 29.4.2022 and basic attribute information about the places. The data is classified and each sport facility has its own Lipas ID. The data is provided as Esri Shapefiles (points, routes and areas) in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Language: Finnish; English; Swedish

Keywords (YSO): physical training; exercise areas; physical hobbies; exercise centres; sports grounds and physical exercise facilities; physical activity services; sports facilities; exercise planning; geographic information; geographic information systems

Fields of science: 315 Sport and fitness sciences

Do you deal with data concerning special personal groups in your research?: No

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