Custody dispute or custody stalking? research project: 9 interviews.

Sten, Marjukka. (2023). Custody dispute or custody stalking? research project: 9 interviews.. V. 3.11.2022. University of Jyväskylä.

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All authorsSten, Marjukka


FundersDepartment of Social Sciences and PhilosophyThe Finnish Concordia Fund


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AvailabilityNot accessible

Publication year2023

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Description of the dataset

Description9 interviews of Finnish women on custody disputes. Interviews were made between 1.2.-3.11. 2022.


Free keywordscustody stalking; post relationship stalking; abusive litigation; paper abuse; custody disputes; IPV

Keywords (YSO)stalkingcustody disputessocial workcourts of lawfamily violencepsychological abusewomen

Fields of science5142 Social policy5141 Sociology

Follow-up groupsSocial Work (Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy YFI) STO

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