Statistical analyses of project Broken Finnish (Rikkinäistä suomea)

Ahola, Sari; Halonen, Mia; Hirvelä, Tuija; Neittaanmäki, Reeta. (2023). Statistical analyses of project Broken Finnish (Rikkinäistä suomea). V. 30.8.2022. University of Jyväskylä.

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All authors: Ahola, Sari; Halonen, Mia; Hirvelä, Tuija; Neittaanmäki, Reeta

Funders: Research Council of Finland


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Publication year: 2023

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Description of the dataset

Description: R, facet, and MFRM analyses of the research data of the Academy of Finland -funded research project Broken Finnish. Contains e.g., interactions between assessment criteria rates (general proficiency; general, fluency, coherence, accuracy of the structures, idiomaticity of vocabulary, pronunciation criterion) on scale 1-6 given by NCLP 44 raters, L1s (Thai, Estonian, Finland Swedish, Arabic, Russian), recognition/assumption of the L1 of the examinee assumed by the rater (open q responses turned into numeric data).

Added by background data/information from the longitudinal NCLP data: 1) the raters (e.g. education, age, rating experience in years); 2) examinees (e.g. L1, nationality, education).

Language: Finnish

Free keywords: National certificate of Language proficiency; Language proficiency rating; L1 effects on rating; Finnish test; Citizenship application; Thai, Estonian, Finland Swedish, Arabic and Russian first languages L1

Keywords (YSO): language tests; citizenship; equality policy; language acquisition; language examinations; Finnish as a second language; Thai language; Estonian language; Russian language; Arabic language; Finland Swedish; equality (fundamental rights); legislation; Language Act; adult language proficiency test; Nationality Act; oral language skills; criteria; personal assessment; demographic statistics; compilation of statistics; statistics (data); statistics (discipline)

Fields of science: 112 Statistics and probability

Do you deal with data concerning special categories of personal data in your research?: Yes

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